Dog Training Is Easier Than You Think

If you’re new to dog training, you might need tips on how to train a dog properly. Ahead are some of the suggestions and advice you will need to meet your goals in dog training.

Get your dog into a feeding routine. Train your dog to understand that the food bowl will be removed 10-15 minutes after you have fed him. This will help get him on a schedule. Your dog will learn to finish eating before you take the dish away.

Decide on a specific command phrase for your pup during house training. By using a dedicated expression to handle training commands, you can make it easier for your pet to focus and make connections. Although it sounds silly to repeat something like “poopie time!” over and over, the consistency will help your dog make the right link between being taken outside and relieving himself.

You need to teach your dog right away that they should drop or back away from something when you say “leave it.” It ensures they don’t eat food they shouldn’t, chew on items not intended to be chewed on or even pick up dangerous or poisonous items in their mouth.

When training your dog, make sure to have fun with him too. When you play with your dog, it strengthens the bond between you and them, thus encouraging the pet to stay positive during training. Training can be pretty fun, but make sure you get plenty of non-training play in too.

When getting closer to a dog, move slowly and let the dog smell your hand. This gives the dog a chance to become accustomed to your personal scent and shows him you mean no harm. After he knows you and your scent, it is easier to command him.

There are many benefits to dog training. If you use this article’s advice and use what you’ve learned, dog training can become enjoyable. Your relationship with your dog will only get stronger.

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